Anne Lekeux (Belgium)

Anne Lekeux (2)Professor Anne Lekeux is the European/international coordinator at the nursing education department of FINE – European Federation of Nurse Educators. She has experience in management of validation and diffusion of European and international projects. She is networking and working to-gether with ICN, WHO (taskforce Nursing Education), ALADEFE, and European collaboration with EFN, ESNO, ENDA, for a global approach to create new pathways on education and training. Anne Lekeux supports creating toolkits for nursing education (Ex.: on better understanding of the concept of LLL) and participates in the scientific activities/strategies by FINE board (on competences, qualifications, learning outcomes, CPD, LLL) Bologna process promoter linked with EQF (European Qualification Framework). She is an expert stakeholder for nursing education linked with reviewing of Dir36/2005/EC.

Contact Information

FINE – European Federation of Nurse Educators

Honorary President in charge of international relations and links with European projects

Professor International coordinator - Nursing dpt. Higher Education french part of Belgium FEDESUC (Federation of higher education of French speaking communities)

100, Avenue Mounier

B-1200 Brussels

Phone: +32 22 56 70 51

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