Karolina Moravková (Czech Republik)

Karolina Moravkova (2)Dr. Ph Karolina Moravcová RN is currently working at the Medical College in Prague as academic staff. For more than 40 years, she had worked in the Charles University Hospital in Prague. Karolina Moravcová has worked for a long time in the intensive area/coronary care unit, in the anesthesiology, dialysis etc. In the past 22 years, she has been head nurse in a hematology-oncology and blood transplantation clinic. She is the founder of CNNA - Czech National Association of Nurses and first President of CNNA after 1989.

Contact Information

Medical College Prague

Academic staff, PhDr

CZ-150 OO Praha 5

Phone: +420 26 07 56 53 78

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