Inger Just (Denmark)

Inger Just (2)Inger Just is trained as a nurse RN 1972. She has a Master in Education and is an Associate Professor. In her employment in nursing education Inger Just works with educational planning and development of problem-based learning. She is also chairman of The Danish Society for Professionals Nurse Teachers. It is an association which is comprised of educationally orientated members of the Danish Nursing Organization. Its members teach in theory and practice in the basic education programmes for Social and Health Helpers, Social and Health Assistants, Nursing as well as postgraduate programmes. All active members of the Danish Nursing Organization are entitled to become members of the Danish Professional Society for Nurse Teachers. At the moment, membership is comprised of Nurse Educators from nursing Schools and Social Health and Health Schools as well as teachers from clinical practice.

Contact Information

Nursing Education University College Lillebælt

Associate professor

Blangstedgårdsvej 4

DK-5220 Odense

Phone: +45 21 39 05 41

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