Gennaro Rocco (Italy)

Gennaro Rocco (2)Gennaro Rocco is the national vice president of Ipasvi Federation of National Colleges. He has been an active leader in nursing for more than thirty years. He is president of the Centre of Excellence for Nursing Scholarship, a special project to finance nursing research and nursing education in Italy. Mr. Rocco was founder of the European Federation of Nursing Regulators in 2004 and is member of the Board. Also Gennaro Rocco is the president of the nursing degree course for Tor Vergata University in Albania and Croatia and founded the Italian Transcultural Nursing Association.

Contact Information

Ipasvi Federation of National Colleges

National Vice President

Via Agostino Depretis 70

IT-000184 Rome

Phone: +39 06 46 20 01 01

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