Gertrud Stöcker (Germany)

Gertrud Stöcker is substitutional president of DBfK (German Association for Professionals in the Field of Nursing). She is also a professional nurse and teacher in nursing. In between 1974 and 1994 she was active in the education of nurses, also in leading positions. From 1986 to 2002 Ms. Stöcker was member of the Advising Committee of the European Commission for the education of professional nurses regarding their employment in hospitals. In 2002 she was an EU assessor in the scope of Peer-Reviews for the revision of educational standards in nursing profession in different EU-member States. In relation to her work she had to visit Bulgaria, Moldova, Czech Republic and Hungary and contributed in numerous advisory boards and projects, published on issues of education of nurse professionals, Europeanization of nursing and on questions of the positioning of nursing in regard to social security for health and care or the development of quality standards of the public health provision.

Contact Information
Gertrud Stöcker – DBfK
Salzufer 6, 10587 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 30 21 91 570
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