Definition of the Project's Target Group

Definition of the target group in focus of the project:

The target occupational group in focus of this project are persons working within healthcare with a qualification below the standard of registered nurses defined by the Directive 2005/36/EC

In some countries there is a clear distinction between the operational areas of the occupational group in focus of the project and that of registered nurses. This differentiation is based in law where the title “nurse” is protected in law and is connected to higher level studies. This leads to a differentiation in levels of responsibilities and competencies and is therefore of interest to the project.

Important additional remarks:

  • we may refer to persons with adequate qualifications and working without direct relation to healthcare (like assistants in social work etc.) but they are not included in the project and hence will not be analysed.
  • we may mention occupational groups within that target group which haven’t had any further formal education.

we may mention possibilities of advanced vocational training below the level of Bachelor degree (Nursing registration) for the target group and these can be included in our target group.